How can we

help you?

Every restructuring situation is unique. However, in every deal we seek to bring to bear the benefit we have gained from many years of restructuring experience to maximise the prospects of protecting the underlying business and delivering a successful solution.

The type of stakeholder you are will determine how THM can help you.



Interpreting and managing different stakeholder agendas in complex restructuring situations places considerable new and additional demands on executive management and the board of the company and can absorb a significant amount of management's time. In these situations, there is a real danger that management may become distracted from the task of running the business at a critical point in the company's life cycle. Business underperformance during a restructuring process is very destabilising and may put the success of the process at risk leading to an unnecessary corporate failure.

Choosing the right restructuring adviser introduces the necessary level of situational expertise to help the company navigate through the restructuring minefield and provide additional bandwith to enable senior management to stay focused on day to day operations. Our services support the board and its management team through the process. We give clear advice and identify innovative restructuring solutions to ensure appropriate decision making. We provide additional resource to support the management team and allow them to deal with the significant additional demands placed upon them while continuing to focus on the underlying operations.