restructuring solutions

While no two situations are alike, a restructuring processrestructuring process typically includes a series of common phases each of which requires specific skills and experience. THM's services can provide support to all phases of the process covering crisis stabilisation, financial restructuring and operational restructuring. Our services can be provided on an advisory or executive basis as required, while strong stakeholder managementstakeholder management is a critical component to the success of any restructuring engagement.

Stakeholder Management



Typical Restructuring Process

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Crisis Stabilisation

Prior to or during a restructuring, it is common for a company to encounter acute financial distress and a shortage of liquidity. During this time, it is imperative that the company is able to forecast and manage its short term liquidity, adhere to any additional reporting requirements imposed by lender groups, maintain business continuity with customers and suppliers and retain the goodwill of its employees. Above all, the company must retain sufficient cash to be able to trade through the restructuring process.

We work alongside management to:

  • Develop robust short term cash flow forecasts and reporting formats in order to manage scarce liquidity and avoid damaging the restructuring process due to cash constraints
  • Identify and implement working capital and other cash flow improvements to create more headroom and give time to implement a solution
  • Support management in dealing with time critical issues